11 thoughts on “Must watch! Vans Rebel Jam 2011

  1. Insane edit, nice slow motions !

    Definitly don’t understand why everybody is addictive to George Manos riding. Only 2 seconds tricks, they are pulled so bad.. but why not ..

    Aleksi Ritsila combo is so hugggee.

  2. Nicolas,

    I agree about the edit, the quality is insane and Aleksi comment.
    George is trying new things, for me he is breaking new ground, he is a different breed of rider, some people might not like it, those people miss the point. Less is more sometimes. Great to see a rider go so far in his own direction. Creative!

  3. Yeah, this was a much more enjoyable version for me personally. George Manos practice sessions must be wild to watch, I imagine him just setting up in a variety of weird positions just experimenting not even knowing if the tricks hes trying to develop are even possible. Not everybodys cup of tea, but that’s the way it should be.

  4. I like Mr. Manos’s tricks, 2 seconds trick but only he make this tricks, flatland is originality and freestyle, a round is better than 2 seconds original trick, not spinning 30 seconds and make 3 basic tricks.
    the audience scream with 30 seconds spin, riders scream with 2 seconds round.

    • You bring an interesting point Neuma. With judging and combinations, how do you mark that for example, put Adam Kuns whopper combo against …. lets Dom’s opening combo, too long to mention it all, how does a judge break that down, and say accurately judge which one is better? It’s a question of aesthetics realistically, sometimes a combo can be overdone and ruined, sometimes it can be pulled out at the perfect moment, whatever the case, its really positive and motivating to see George do his own thing, he should be applauded for that surely, this is after all what flatland is all about…???

  5. I think adam make short rounds with hard tricks, dominik, very long rounds with difficult change and a lot of steam roller.
    they are two riders who deserve to win competitions.
    I like the style of a rider mathias and I respect a lot, but it was surprising to me that the original was first, I like styles like George Manos, Ciaran Perry, Alberto Moya, Koichi Higo, Navid Saleki, original riders, but they never won a contest, if they are in the 90’s maybe they would have won something.
    this is my opinion, do not want anyone offended by my words.

  6. I see what your saying, not everything is about whos winning contests though, flatweb tv gave their rider of the year to Martti Kuoppa, who but for one contest he entered (and he wasnt serious about it) gave him rider of the year, most of my favourite riders nowadays dont enter contests, I think for the most part flatland changed a lot in the last year, its less contest driven than it ever was.

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