10 thoughts on “Must Watch! Viki Gomez – New Front Wheel combo!

  1. I am sorry Jeff DesrocheI I didnt mean to copy! I did this link into backpacker first time in 2001 and just thought to make it to Xf! The idea is from 2002 but I made it now!

  2. “Invented tricks
    It is hard to say if you invented a trick. By the time you think about a trick, maybe someone in Australia has the same idea without seeing you. The cliffhanger turbine or no handed hitchiker and backpaker are a good example. I first did a turbine cliffhanger in 1990. When I first met James White, he had never watched a video of me doing this trick but he was doing that trick but slightly different”


    at time there wasn’t all these vids also
    but at least who cares who is the first rider who think about a trick, and also who is the first one to pull it ? sure, it’s an awesome recognition but tricks are creatives commons (:

  3. We are talking about small links here. When it comes to a big trick like a kick flip, original tailwheep, Bike flip, etc then it matters who is the creator, not only for recognition, but so the riders move on and create something new. BMX Flatland is a boat of creation, those who go for originality are sailors of this boat! 🙂

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