13 thoughts on “Must Watch!!!!- Viki Gomez & Phil Dolan London Flatland Session

  1. no fucking way! damn! i’ve been waiting for this! Phil is up cracking and freestyling like hell! damn that is so inspiring to me an the progression Viki has is incredible and he manage to keep it fresh,new and high level! Viki has some of the best freestyles ever! together with a few others. Keep it comming and once again! Phil! your inspiring! damn, top edit, and the vibe at it’s best, thanx to you both, and James of course!

    ps. Effraim, make a flatmatters top edit list! shabbaaaeeem!:P hahaha

  2. What? there are no crazy sound effects just a well balanced audio of the real sounds and an ambient minimal track anyways great edit , Phils backwards rocket nosewheelie was nuts.

  3. James tells me a better edit will be online in two hours, hold tight people, some Viki treats (as if that wasnt enough) coming real soon! James is kicking arse with these edits!!

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