Must Watch: Viki Gomez / Training Session

Viki Gomez is looking dialled as he gets ready for the Chimera Games at the end of this month in Japan. Smooth and deadly lines in this Training Session at the Trier indoor skatepark riding spot.


00:23: Steam kick flip to right sided halfpacker (for a second) whip to left sided halfpacker pivot to opposite x-ft hitch. Technical as you like!

00:33: Hitch juggler to 360 bar flip steam fire hydrant to rollback to one kick rolling junkyard pivot peg wheelie bike flip to ice cream bike flip out.

1:44: Switch foot mega spin weaving side to side turbining, directly into a quick body varial backwards rolling two footed backyard switching to the opposite side switch foot peg wheelie, cream bike flip to switch footed lard yard full varial!

2:07: Perhaps my favourite line of the edit saved for last! Switch footed lard yard full varial to switch foot macaroni smith decade out!

Banging edit from Viki, who has definitely been putting in some work in the off season! Enjoy this one, hitting the rewind once again. Will this be a contender for edit of the year 2020?

12 thoughts on “Must Watch: Viki Gomez / Training Session

  1. Style for miles!Viki is on top of his game for like 20 years now…since Cologne in 2000 when he blew minds with his crazy barflips!!The man is on top 10 of all time greats,he does tricks that are untouchable.Loved those bikeflips…and that frame!!Thank you Viki for the motivation..

  2. Said it all Giannis. Has there ever been a more complete rider, a riders rider, hands down can do it all. I never get sick of his riding. 1 of the most popular & inspiring for a reason.

    • Yeah Tristan complete rider is the right word,i concur.Viki can do it all…front wheel back wheel,classic moves,original moves.Never get bored to watch him and i always looking for videos on youtube of Viki to get inspiration.Hes also very cool guy if you ride in person…he pushes you for more!Last time i rode with Viki was at the Level Vibes December 2009…i miss these times…

  3. That sounds great Giannis. Many yrs ago, a Sydney rider had the idea for Gomez to come here, but it never happened. I can’t stop thinking of riding l hardly slept, but l hope to ride with some Melb locals, including Nick Watts for the first time in many years. I’m excited. Jimmy misses me, haha @ their spot.

  4. Once again, just like in the old times when they’ve put together videos with Martti, he gives the impression he can do whatever he wants with his bike. When most pros have at least 80% of their runs fully planned out, he may even decide his next move during the combo he is doing.. Pure mastery of techniques.

  5. Totally agree Oliver & that’s why Vikki would fit any team & any sponsor. I’m fact, l believe He’s a sponsors dream. The consumate professional.

  6. STILL taking in this ENTIRE edit ……..its so MIND BLOWING , just how MANY times / years , CONSISTENTLY ……that this man can RE-invent his ENTIRE trick and combo repertoire …..damn ……and just tosses in the brakeless smith , BACKWARDS crack packer , BIKE flips , etc,etc……with EASE ! Watching this edit will most definitely motivate AND humble you…..REEEAAAL quick , haha. It ll be like 2027 ………….and he ll have ANOTHER whole progressive , original style of riding …….that NO ONE will be doing , haha………hell , bruv …….his stuff from 2 0 0 3 ……….is STILL untouched……………

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