21 thoughts on “Must Watch! Waldemar Fatkin & Ivan Makushev FLAT.STREET.WHATEVER

  1. Waldemar you have really huge deserves respect for what you’re doing! For me you are one of the best if not the best flatland rider at the moment!

    Ivan is of course extremely good! The course must not be forgotten.

    You have the other drivers out there, that think they are professional riders shown once again what a pro really can!

    Keep it up 😉

  2. Wow…just wow!

    So many good things to touch on:

    When it comes to the whole flat/street cross over thing, these guys are doing what so many guys are trying to do with it.

    Love Waldemar’s whiplash jump to opposite pedal 5, as well as everything else he does.

    Always great to see the collaboration effort between two friends on video. Reminds me of the hyperspeed johnny/destruction kid vibe.

    So much aggressive riding from both guys, as well as lots of progression.

    Loved that the first track was from my favourite producer (Araabmuzik), and was followed up by a Canadian rap duo (Swollen Members)

    Again, just so much respect and props to both guys for the hard work that’s obviously gone in to their riding and this video.

  3. my jaw really dropped on the floor while watching this. too much to take in all of the details of the hardness of each rider. combo per combo was really a bomb dropper!!!! its like a machine gun of very hard tricks!!!! really made my day!!!!

  4. 2 killers! Waldemar has progressed a lot! Love the direction of his tricks!!! Didnt know Ivan! Wow man! he has secret skills!!! Well done guys you are giving so much inspiration to ride and try hard! Thank you!

  5. If this is the new style of flatland…
    I give up!! lol

    Its true about the comment above,
    many riders are trying to push the
    style of flatland you two strongly portray.

    Boomerang off steps was totally nuts…
    Edit of the year!

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