18 thoughts on “Must Watch! Yohei Uchino – Breakthrough

  1. Rad combo with the turbined upside down manual to bike flip out looks sick! when you said it was a one trick edit tho E I was waiting for the bike flip to manual to whopper out! Im sure this is on the cards 😉

  2. @Lee Musselwhite – I didn’t mean it as a one trick edit, I meant I gave the Must Watch tag purely for the banger, normally its for more than one trick. The video is private for now, sure it will be back up soon, perhaps music issue or something like that?

  3. speechless…!!! i’m unfortunately not riding anymore, but this is the kind of link that still keeps me watching and loving flatland..!

  4. I wonder if he will ever get to the point where he can land and continue the manual. I’m sure he’s tried and it’s in the works, but that would be peak crazy to go manual > bikeflip to upsidown manual > bikeflip out.

  5. @TJ : I remember an itw of Ucchie on art bmx mag at the time he came up with his “ucchie flip”; he was explaining that it was just a step to go for the full kickflip, then I guess he gots stuff in stock

    anyway thanks E, seems legit (:

  6. @TJ / Minou – That would be amazing, yes seemed from the interview he gave the impression he already had the full flip in the bag. Hopefully this edit will come back online, and everyone who hasn’t seen it can see what we are discussing.

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