Must Watch! Yohei Uchino Signature Frame “GOOD SPEED” Promo

This amazing back wheel manual line for Yohei Uchino’s signature “Good speed” frame promo has been doing the rounds on social media today! And for good reason, just look at this work of art!

Here is the official word:

“Yohei Uchino’s signature “Good Speed” Frame promo will be released into the world at the end of February/March. The initial order has already sold out in less than half a day, manufacturer stock is not already. The frame is a masterpiece that has been long awaited during it’s test period. Yohei is the principal of Good Speed”.

14 thoughts on “Must Watch! Yohei Uchino Signature Frame “GOOD SPEED” Promo

  1. So good it almost made me forget about the hours of dental surgery just endured. Incredible finesse that made the unthinkable (almost) look easy!

  2. That combo was insane.. I was waiting for the hop whip or half bike flip rideout and was pleasantly surprised by neither.

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