10 thoughts on “Must Watch! Yoshiki Uchino – 2013.12.12

  1. The moment where the leaves rush by is gold! Love his riding. Especially the step up to backwards switch pedal 5 and step down to the opposite peg. That’s really useful. I want to learn it!!!

    Can anyone tell me where he lives and where this spot is. Close to mountains? I’ve never seen it before. Is it a place where there are regular sessions or ridden by him only?


  2. Such rad , difficult , tech , and flowing lines ! This was a must watch in 2013 ……and could very well hang and bang with THAT title ……..TODAY. Yoshiki rules and I’d be really stoked to see video of him , today…….even if he’s still busting out these lines ……hell , even the lines that secured him top placings @ the 2006 K.O.G s …..I’d be thrilled to see those , too…….it’s all timeless , hard sh-t , and his very own flavor of combos………

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