Naoto Tamaru – L.O.A.D

Been waiting on this new Life Of Abu Dhabi from back wheel shredder, Naoto Tamaru! And it does not disappoint, look out for the bikeflip xft cream combo at 2:38, and the final banger at 4:33! If Naoto can throw down this kind of quality in a contest, he will be a big threat this year! Solid riding!

10 thoughts on “Naoto Tamaru – L.O.A.D

  1. Also, love when young and motivated riders that truly live and represent flatland get the opportunity to do show contracts (and make the most of this opportunity and lifestyle by riding constantly and progressing a ton).

    From my show experience, I often ended up with teammates that only rode 5 minutes before each show to warm up, then did the show, repeated as necessary for contract. They liked the show lifestyle more than the flatland/bmx/skateboarding/inline lifestyle itself, and I felt that they didn’t truly represent those of us that do love what we do.

    Cheers to Naoto for following his dream and making the most out of the opportunity he’s worked incredibly hard for.

  2. Well i got a load watching it, especially the end. His riding is similar to those others, yes, but he puts his own touches to it like X-arming or those bike flips. He is a show rider, so it makes sense he chose this riding path. He’s certainly come a long way in the last couple years. Did you really get zero load even with the last combo?

  3. The riding path of tricks put together with quick switches and pumping/turbining that is. I think this is a “type” of rear wheel riding at this point as it is pretty established.

  4. So good !! Loved the last clip !!

    @Alan i disagree, even if he uses tricks from the guys you’ve quoted(not sure it’s a correct word^^) in the first half, the last 3 links a crazy and filled with his own tricks.

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