Naoto Tamaru & Masato Ito – since ’95

Nice concept to this edit, Naoto and Masato met each other 1995, and became childhood friends. They knew each other before started BMX, now they are working together as BMX Riders in Abudhabi. Naoto is going to leave soon, back to Japan. This is the last film together riding in Abudhabi. As we all know Naoto kills the back wheel, and Masato has liquid flow on the front, this is a good watch for sure!

2 thoughts on “Naoto Tamaru & Masato Ito – since ’95

  1. I feel like it’s mentioned every time Naoto’s name is brought up, but…he’s progressed SO much the past two years! Really happy to see such a young and hungry rider with so much potential and drive get a show contract like the one he did, and even happier to see how well he used it to progress. Excited to not only see what he does from here, but also what Gonzalo does with his riding alongside doing these shows.

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