New Breed: Joe Miller on Team Unknown

On my left forearm is a tattoo, the tat is the logo of my childhood bmx stunt team, Team Unknown. A lot of people cannot believe that I have this on my arm, well let me tell you why. Team Unknown was born in the back of a pick-up truck on the way home from a Haro show in southern Indiana. The crew had been together for years and we decided to call ourselves Team Unknown, partly because we were all the best of friends, and also because we were all very good bike riders, flat/street, and ramps as well as dirt… Pure Freestyle!
As I’ve gotten older, I’ve been in and out of touch with all of my teammates. Some of them still ride, and one of us has since passed away. I would like to say this, I am the only member of Team Unknown that has ever or will ever compete. Not because my boys couldn’t hang, but because most of the guys are just not that competitive. I will say this, Shawn Warner, (original member) could have, and still could Kill it in the master class. It’s just not his thing. However, Shawn is always there when I compete anywhere near him, and I am thankful for his support. Brutha’s forever.
It was recently when one of my lifelong brothers suffered a personal tragedy. I won’t go into details, but it really got me thinking about how important he and the rest of Team Unknown are to me. The countless hours spent together riding, partying, and just hanging out, are among the most important and influental times of my life. I love those memories and all of those guys more than I can explain.
I guess my point is, that one should cherish these times with our friends. I know I would have never been as good @ flat as I am, if the rest of Team Unknown weren’t SO good themselves! So to Chris Morris, Shawn Warner, Brad Stottlemyer, Tony May,Casey Songer, J.J.Poe, and Dustin Cox, RIP, I love you all and Team Unknown lives in me to this very day!

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