New Breed: Mike Kucak interview

Name, age, and hometown?
Mike Kucak.
Milwaukee WI.
30 something years old???  haha!  I don’t feel much different physically than when I was 19… just wiser…and bills suck! 🙂

How long have you been riding?
Well I rode as a kid in the middle to late 80’s into the early 90’s. Then it was cooler to have a car so eventually riding my bike faded out.  I always had a bike to play around on but in 2005 I really got back into riding flat. What happened was my Grandmother passed away and left us a little bit of money and she wanted us to buy something that really made us happy! So I dug deep down to find that… and I bought a bike!! A Dyno Slammer that I thought was the coolest bike to have in 2001… and that is what got me back into riding flat to this day. It’s more than just riding a kids bike on so many levels.

When did you first see Flatland, and who/what got you started?
The first time I saw flatland was in 4th grade going to a little league game. These dudes in a parking lot were doing these hopping trix on their dirt bikes! I was in the back of the car watching thinking how cool that was because I thought BMX bikes were for dirt trails!!

This next question comes directly from global-flats forum user Classy-touch. When you have an “off day” do you end your session, or do you motivate yourself to ride more?
Ya know if something isn’t working for me I move on to whatever is working and try to progress and perfect it… little steps lead to big steps and some days some trix just don’t work for ya. It could be a lot of things. But don’t dwell on it move onto plan B or plan C. I always end my session by pulling a combo or trick. Even a simple boomerang pop it and leave on a good note!

What types of tricks/switches are you working on at the moment?
I’m obsessed with backwheel trix. And any front wheel trix I just wanna learn so I can pop into back wheel trix! haha I’m really working on turbining peg wheelies, perfecting time machines and rolling lard yards and stick b’s. I’m also working on stubbleducks and all kinds of little variants. But my goal is to really progress on the back wheel… I just feel so comfortable I go with it!

Do you find it easier to learn established tricks, or do you find it easier invent your own?
I like making my own unique combos. Real short in and out and lots of little trix. So my combos I try to be original!

I know you were really intent on attending Fight with Flight, but were unable to attend. Sorry you missed it now though Huh? Just pickin’ on ya a little. So anyway, are you planning to attend any comps or Jams this year, and if so which ones?
Ya I had everything set for Indy then my schedule got flip flopped… was really looking forward to meeting so many people too. I plan on getting to some jams for sure. Comps… sooner or later I’ll be in some comps I think… I really just like grabbing my headphones on a sunny day and just going out jammin’. It’s so peaceful… just me in my own world. 🙂

You and I have been friends for a while now and I notice you seem to have a really positive outlook on life. You always seem upbeat. Do you feel this helps with your progression, or does a little bike throw now and then keep you tension free?
Thank you Joe! A positive outlook on things goes a long way on just life in general. But yes I think being in an optimistic mindstate is very beneficial to riding! I don’t like riding when I have a lot on my mind sometimes.

List your favorite food, movie, and recording artist at the moment.
Star Wars – The Empire Strikes Back.
Tupac is my favorite!

Do you have any interests outside of riding?
I enjoy cars, yard work, fish tanks, computers… I kinda putz around with hobbies it’s fun!

Top five favorite riders to watch and why?
Wilhelm – He spins nuts! haha
Simon O’ Brien – He’s just good!
Lachlan Cameron – He does some real cool back wheel stuff!
Pete Brandt – His blenders are to die for!
Dennis McCoy – He’ll always be an icon to me from BITD.

Living in Wisconsin must make winter riding difficult, especially with the giant cheese wedge hat. How do you deal with the winter weather?
Cheese head…haha!!  I don’t deal with Winter well! I get pissed off and an attitude and ride in my basement or parking garages. It sux and if I didn’t have a career and home here I would high tail the hell out of this state! haha So I don’t deal with it well… winter holds my progression back!

I want to thank you for your time, anyone you’d like to thank?
Just everyone that rides. I swear sometimes I feel like the only people in this world that understand me are other riders! And it’s great meeting sooo many cool people… just from riding a kids bike. 🙂

Any last words of advice for someone wanting to learn Flatland?
Flatland is hard. It takes dedication. There’s many nites I elected not to go out just to ride, You have to commit and you really have to want to progress. Things come in time with flatland but it is very challenging. If you work hard enough you will pull that trick and you will have accomplished something you really worked hard towards. You can’t put a price on that feeling!

Mikes riding video for Joe Millers interview from Mike Dood on Vimeo.

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  1. Thanx guys!!! The best thing of it all is riding found me! Thanx for the opportunity to share my point of view! Ride hard!!!

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