New Chase Gouin edit

Timeless!! Chase Gouin is the boss, double footed elepahnt glide whips anyone?


3 thoughts on “New Chase Gouin edit

  1. Chase i salute you sir this stuff is timeless you know there's a whole mix of stuff in here the double footed Elephant whips WTF just a whole new batch of moves i've never seen he has a vast range of tricks in his vocabulary really for me a joy to watch i mean i rate everyone but being an old fart there's something about Chase style his approach to his tricks that find so appealing and a joy to watch i've watched this 6 times now ,am i bored ? am i b*******.ride on buddy.

  2. I know what you mean, I hear you! Chases riding has authority, whatever he does he stomps! His stuff on eclips for me, is some of the best flatland stuff ever done, amazing!!

  3. Totally E Clips watched that the other day mindblowing to this day really paved the way for others and his mix of scuffing,spinning,rolling etc old and new never looks or gets boring it's his style and this to me is rare nowadays not to put anyone else down as there are sick riders out there we all know that but it is refreshing to see something different from time to time and Chase delivers all the time respect to him and his idea's.

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