18 thoughts on “New Denes Katona edit on OG site!

  1. This is unreal!!! Bonkers!!!!
    Edit quality is crazy good too, well worth waiting for the download!!! Go watch this people!!!
    Denes fucking rips!!!!

  2. That edit should be called

    "The Last Plywood Hood"


    "Dorkin 11"

    Totally insane! Had the same feel of an old dorkin video and all the mind blowing tricks that went along with them.

  3. I don't remember last time a video made me feel this good…haha…

    That stupid smile after you pull a trick you been dreaming of for months(years), on some sketchy supermarket parking lot and it absolutely doesn't matter that no one saw you pull it…hehe…You can definitely see it on Denes in this video..

    Groundtactics winner material ??

  4. Isn't flatland the best thing when it can be appreciated like this can. How long was this filmed in? Denes?!

  5. wow i was waiting to see what crazy next level shit denes would dish up. INSPIRING…..by the way denes when you coming back to the mile?

  6. wow this video is like an eye drop, now i can see way better, flatland has no limits and Denes is the prove
    U rock man 🙂

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