New! Diversion Tv: Contextual

Here’s a new column from Bobby C at Diversion TV, he’s been dropping some serious gems as of late, and wanted to add some text, enjoy!! Check that Props section from the Red Bull COB, so good!!!

Red Bull is known for putting on spectacular events. Circle of Balance was an epic flatland series that occurred every 2 years. The first two events were in Europe and the third and final event was in Tokyo. Many regard the final event in Tokyo as highest point as far as scale for organized flatland competitions. The top riders from around the world were flown in as well as top people who work behind the scenes to make flatland happen. The riders and attendees received 1st class treatment. The place sold out and overflowed with hardcore riders that knew they were watching something spectacular! Good thing an earthquake didn’t level the place. Probably a majority of the talent that supports flatland would have been taken out right then and there! Check out these two clips from Props and Diversion Video Magazines.

One thought on “New! Diversion Tv: Contextual

  1. Good memories Bobby! All night party then boom back to London, was jetlagged for weeks!! That props section is so good, extensive footage!!!

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