New Erin Donato vid

This girl has the skills….

Erin on the Devastator from ed nussbaum on Vimeo.

6 thoughts on “New Erin Donato vid

  1. Love that back and forth Karl Keizer combo using the bottom of tyre that link has lot of potential, and the rain clips are something every uk rider can relate to..

  2. Without using any swear words this lady is an inspiation to any other female rider in flatland or interested in starting out much respect to her she's the original female flat rider ever since a section in 20 inch video mag ,hitchiker jugglers,that link at 1:50 my god if you didn't know she was a girl you would think that was a guy riding for years early 90's i recall she has ridden and she has some sick combo's in there a joy to watch .

  3. Sickchild "Devastator" prototype, Erin rules. Nice bar flip to pedal karl. Shes been on the scene for a long time, rides somewhere in New Jersey…

  4. Cool wondered what frame that was i knew you would know , yeah i remember she rode with a guy called Adam Guild from New Jersy area maybe she still does .

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