11 thoughts on “New Fenix Limited Edition 2012 Frames available!

  1. I disagree Howard my first Fenix lasted 18 months. Which I think is a good amount of time for any frame. 6 months on the second one and going strong!

  2. been waiting for this frame 4 a while ,but still not sure if i should get this or jungle rider 19.5″. ive heard of quamens snapping but ive seen a jungle rider f##ked aswell.

  3. i don’t John a frame worth that much money should last a lifetime it should not last 18 months ,2 years,5 years etc etc its a waste to me these things ain’t cheap ,i mean if i’m spending money on a 300 quid frame i want it to last not think 18 months later ” oh well its lasted this long ” sod that i’d want a refund paper thin tubing too light i’d be well pissed off if i expected it to crack or snap same with those shitty St Martins don’t rate em , the average kid can’t afford a new one .i’ve never snapped a frame only a DP and that was a piece of crap.

  4. my Hutch Trick Star lasted me 26 years, it sits now in my spare room on the wall i never even snaped or cracked it and i was the 4th owner and i’m a big guy ,modern day frames take note.

  5. theres always the other side of it to consider : Strong frames are generally heavier. It might not be such a concern to big guys like you howard, but for small guys like me, lighter bikes really made a big big difference, and i don’t see myself going back to the weight of the early mid school bikes ( TAO, first quamen, tc…). less tired, less injuries, tricks are easier….for smaller guys.

    but i don’t know how the hutch trick start was built, aws it a heavy frame?

  6. Hutch weighed 5lbs not heavy pretty light for the time just look at the P.K Ripper we loved those 4.3lbs they were very light for 1984 but its the rider that makes the tricks not the weight of the frame/bike, a light person would benefit from a lighter frame less effort strength wise and a heavier person would generally benefit from a heavier frame as he has more strength in his build to manoever the bike for example just look at Chase in the Dorkin and E Clips video’s that bike weighed a ton 35lbs + and those tricks were groundbreaking and he manoevered it around like it was light especially with the whiplash stuff ,i hear what your saying Julien but you can only make a frame so light before it cracks at the stress points it becomes a waste of money and it draws the person in to buy as its so light , i am small 5ft 7″ around 14 stone in weight so in theory i should be cracking frames but i’m not, light = weak .

    i think its the choice of material also in tubing,the welds,the craftmanship i mean A Bad Thing,KHE Paris,St Martin Evo,Mankind,Jungle,KGB etc sub 4lb frames have a bad rep with weakness there’s no experiments in new products there its bish,bash,bosh theres your frame its light so it an eye catcher , i ride an Autum Razzia 4.5lbs my other We The People Div was 5lb 4oz no probs at all Inertia are super strong Reynolds tubing as are Deco and Hoffman Stowler those frames are a tad under 5lbs strength and quality , Standard Industries and S & M are not strictly flat nowadays but still in my opinion are the strongest frames out there they experiment with different tubing ( OX platinum for example ) any new product or material on the market they are onto it also new welding techniques,tested thoroughly before they go into production built for life .Rick Moliterno and Chris Moeller have the experience to know what the rider needs sadly some of this flatland companies just see the money it gererates for them.

  7. weight will sacrifice strength, i suppose a lot of factors will dictate how long a frame will last such as riders weight and riding ability,whether brakeless or not ( some brakeless riders can put a lot of stress on frames when front or back end slams down on fast link attempts), tube material and if any heat treating process used. i’ve ridden my proper dolomite with 2 brakes for 5 years with no damage,and a 2nd one (done up similar to and 88 sport) with no probs for a year. 5.2lbs in weight that frame. i switched recently to an odyssey waltz which is more modern and lighter. see how strong this frame is over time.
    spent so much on bikes over the last 30 years i tend to hunt out cheap parts on ebay etc to help keep money in my pocket.

  8. i guess everyone picks what he prefers….some break frames faster than others. i never broke a frame except for a gt show but it is because it was mad of aluminium. But i’m not a very good rider so not a great example.

  9. I like these frames loads. The issue with getting a bike as light as possible goes a bit overboard sometimes. Although is good to have a nice light bike, you want it to last.
    I recently decided to go for a Deco Succabus, gradually getting it sorted. It is loads lighter than my last bike and I have noticed the difference considerably!! Frame whips round easier, too easy to start with. It took me a few days to get used to it & a few new cuts on the shins 🙁
    I just think what it would be like if my frame was even lighter?
    With the Odyssey Waltz frames you get a lifetime warranty so if it does brake, you are covered (hopefully). But I agree when you are spending £300 or more on a frame, you do not expect it to brake.
    The last frame I snapped (half way down the downtube) was an old Haro Master in the 80’s, but I had been trying fakie wall rides for a few weeks!!! Wonder how long these light frames would last with a few weeks of wall rides!!
    Still like the fenix frames though 😉

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