20 thoughts on “New Martti Kuoppa clip!

  1. Hoe. Leeee. Sheeeeeet! That was sick.

    PS: Effraim, why do you comment on your own posts? Haha. Aren’t yYou are supposed to put your thoughts and opinions WITH the post, not on the comments? LOL

  2. Effraim often helps facilitate a conversation in the comments and that brings more people out to bring their feedback, which I only see as being a good thing.

    As far as the trick goes, holy hell, so sick. Such tough and awkward body english involved. Next up, that jump to backward hang 10 holding the seat?

  3. You keep doing exactly that effraim….THE ONLY RULE IS THERE ARE NO RULES.

    As martti is showing quite clearly on almost a daily basis. Jesus effing christ he’s making a entire new tricktionary in just a few months

  4. Big ups Martti!

    And thanks again E for putting effort into your website, superhandy to have one site with all the best and newest clips from around the world!!

  5. lol someone in the comments made himself look like a SUPER IDIOT!!!

    E you the man…. he’s probably on flatmatters everyday a few times a day maybe more.. but yet he can say something like that. SAD!!


  6. Great riding ,who made himself look a super idiot THONG ? and with a name like that THONG a bit of a hypocrit i think as naming yourself after a ladies thin undercracker namely a THONG makes me laugh LOL.
    Fat Tony by the way work for Transworld BMX etc he is responsible for flatland in the magazine hardly a lost cause or sad .

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