New Product: S&M Trackmark Tyre

Photo: Ryan Russell.

This bit of news went under the radar well and truly, S&M working on a new tyre called the “Trackmark”, that comes in 1.75, 1.9, 2.0 sizes (thanks to Ryan Russell for the update). Due out in May, so look out at your favourite store for a set of these. Thanks to Lee Wilson for the heads up.

5 thoughts on “New Product: S&M Trackmark Tyre

  1. good to see a company where flat riders are not forgotten, not everyone wants to run a 2,10 tire, the frequency g 1.75 is a hugely popular tire, so there is room for another decent 1.75 as long as its affordable, khe, ares, Dom, there all pretty pricey, whereas the frequency is 25 quid and readily available here in uk

  2. It’s a race tire. Are the flatlanders using it though? Race tracks are asphalt anyway, so needs are similar. Small diameter, low profile, grippy, high pressure, lightweight…

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