15 thoughts on “New Thomas Noyer Clip!

  1. cool riding , boomerangs have changed E its peg to peg now ? i always thought it was pedal to pedal perhaps its a new term ( i am old you know ) haha

  2. peg to peg bommerang i guess, its been around since as long as i can remember (101 trix days), modern day twist is brakeless, and linking nicely to pedal 5 like Thomas does here.

    • indeed that was dope even before that Trev, when Jason Brown brought the flail back, flail to hitch, flail to xft hitch, and both ways. Cory stepped things up with the double front wheel boomerang, prob the hardest variation i’ve seen yet.

  3. Yes Chris Day linked them fast man guy could do 5 maybe 6 flails in whips or fire hydrants i remember 101 freestyle tricks i did not see it until my friend had it years later but hey look even today R-Dogg is saying its all freestyle folks linked or not tricks are tricks why say something is old when we can still do them , trendy things shallow people follow .

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