New Trevor Meyer video

Stoked to see that Trevor is still learning stuff, as you can see from this video, Trevor is still pretty much still very much “on it”, i’m sure this video will have its critics in the originality front, but for me, at least this cat is still out there busting out after all this time, he’s out of the contest limelight and obviously still loves riding! much respect!!!

Trevor Meyer 2009 Southern Yankee part 2 from Danny A. Harrison on Vimeo.

6 thoughts on “New Trevor Meyer video

  1. great way to wake up this sunny cold friday, this made my day, so good to see that trevor is still showing them skills, definitely one of the most skilled riders alive.

  2. Shithot!!
    Tons of progression from the last Souther yankee one no 1

    I love it looks proper fucked up on that long ass frame.

    Trevor Meyer & Big bike freestyle ftw

  3. Awesome he does shows with Rob Nolli and Tom Haughen still as progressive as ever .This guy won countless x-games golds rode for various bike companies in the early 90's and is still up there this is incredible ,he has had his critics in the past but people that hate on this cat are jealous plain and simple , love this riding from the tallest flatlander out there RESPECT.

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