New Ucchie Banger!

I’ve recently been trying to work out how a backwards spinning two footed dump truck would work, well look no further Ucchie kills it right here! What a treat!

9 thoughts on “New Ucchie Banger!

  1. yes agree phil, like i said i’ve been playing with that two footed backwards spinning dump truck off and on for a while now, could never get it feeling that good, and ucchie varials out, I see he’s holding both pegs at the backwards spinning point…. Really nice move, superb even! Someone had to say it 🙂

  2. Hi Effriam

    Here is my new web video. It contains the time machine on the pedals but in gerator. I did it 2 weeks ago just needed time to edit the video. Big respect for Ucchie! I’m waiting for the video from this trick. Greetings! David

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