New UK blog/forum site launches!!- Average day in the UK!!

Chris Hall hit me up, with news of a UK blog/forum site, read on…< Alright boys. basically been working on this with a couple of mates, Jamie Young and Ciaran Perry whom im sure you're familliar with. The idea of AverageDay is actually alot more than just bmx - the blog and forum will cater for music, art, lifestyle aswell as flatland bmx. However we also want it to be the UK's flatland forum! Ideally we want to create a really diverse community of riders and people interested in art music bmx and the like. At the moment we have a youtube and vimeo page, aswell as a blog (the wordpress logo) and a forum (the speechbubble). We plan to make a whole functioning website in the future. What im asking you two is if you'd be up for doing us a favour and posting a quick thing about it on your respective blogs - we really want to try and maximise our exposure and get it out there. Hoping alot of the UK riders get involved aswell as people interested in the other fields.

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