New weekly column!!! White Friday

A play on words from the “black friday” look it up on wikipedia if your unsure, a new weekly column comes to flatmatters, who knows what it will bring!. Without any more delay I will let James continue..

Hello and a very warm welcome to ‘White Friday’. Your Friday has just been upgraded..Whiteski Style!

Who the heck am I? I’m the Godfather of this shite… that’s who! I was into this stuff before it was even here. i‘ve invented more tricks than you’ve had days on your bike. I even invented socket pegs god damn it. I AM FLATLAND!!

Here and every Friday that I can be bothered you will find all sorts of hints, tips and thoughts from me to make your flat life that much better! I’m gonna tell you what’s good! What’s bad! Show you how to, what not to! And probably make myself look a prat while I’m at it! (as if I haven’t done that already).

I would of loved to kicked this off with some Crack pot video from the depths of my warped head. But with the ‘Level Vibes’ just gone and the state of British Flatland Scene on everyone’s mind I’m gonna get a little serious and tell you a story. It’s a true Story, from the way i saw it!

Once upon a time (early 90’s) there was a Family…A BMX Family, there was Daddy Vert a Mummy Street, and Baby mini Ramp…..Oh! And the poor relation ‘Flatland’. It was a small close nit family and all got a long. They held contests together, got merry together and simply rode BMX together.

No one in the family could understand why the sport wasn’t growing, why companies weren’t interested in supporting BMX anymore. And really, we were having too much fun to care. Bring on the passion and foresight of one Matt Hoffman and the Bicycle Stunt series and things started looking up. The later part of the nineties was an exciting time for the family. BMX was on its way back! The media giant TV was knocking on our door and money was looming. Yes even for Flatland! My brother ‘Dolan’ was receiving a healthy salary, add this to his prize money (for second place when I was competing) and things were good. That was until Mother Nature stepped in – Money + TV+ Large corporations = Stress. When the dust settled the poor relation ‘Flatland’ was out of the X Games, off TV and basically disowned by the family. We were hurt, but not down! Plenty of things were going on, Brother kuoppa was franticly upping the level, youngsters were coming through. F**k them! Was the natural reaction! We can go this alone!

Sad story huh? The first flatland only contest ‘Level Vibes’ was held in 1998 in almost a protest…we don’t need them attitude. Yes, it was a hit. No. I wouldn’t change those jams for the world but at the same time, did it push us further away from the family? Probably!

Have we continued to distant ourselves more and more from the family? YES!! Is that good for us? No! We are more BMX than anyone.

‘Level Vibes’ Last week was great! Everybody had smiles on their faces and we really were a real family. It restored my faith in flatland and brought a tear to my eye. We need to keep it rolling and build, build, build.
Is a BMX Contest happening in your local area? Can you organise a flat comp along side it? Let’s bring the family back together; it is that time of year after all.

Let’s Show the BMX World what they’ve been missing!

12 thoughts on “New weekly column!!! White Friday

  1. Couldn't agree more with the need for flatland to become united again with the rest of bmx, just been talking about that very topic for an up and coming interview…

  2. Wow James, tell it how it is! It is up to us flatlanders, to lay the pitty party B.S aside…To rise up, and do things for ourselves. Here in the U.S we are so worried about the lack of pros at our very own comps. But the fact of the matter is, there has..and always will be numerous AM's coming through to watch and particpate. If the pros arent coming to do there thang, should hte lime lite not be turned towards the ones there for the love of mother flatland? Tis a real shame to see the crying and moaning..with nothing to come of it. Last April i attended the Jomopro bmx park AND flatland contest, and was insanely blown away by how much..the street riders, really do like to watch flatland…It just takes SEEING it to realise its more then just the same trick, but friends throwing down in the same manor as they on the ramps. I guess what im trying to say is..We need to get back to the drawing board…STRICTLY GRASSROOTS syle. Sure the money is nice and the nice big lights with glitter and glamour..But lets face it, we havent developed a concrete foot to stand on..So refocus, and get back to the goals at mind… Progression, development of top notch riders, and the well being/seeing to it our AM's have something to look forward to each years to come. haha sorry for the bit of a rant.

  3. Very well said! I wished I could have made it to the level vibes this time but no change.
    We don´t need to be depending on anyone to get flatland back in shape.
    We just got to stick to it, ride and do things for it and most importantly, belive into flatland!!

  4. "Once upon a time (early 90’s) there was a Family…A BMX Family, there was Daddy Vert a Mummy Street, and Baby mini Ramp…..Oh! And the poor relation ‘Flatland’. It was a small close nit family and all got a long. They held contests together, got merry together and simply rode BMX together."

    This is great!!! Few things already being talked about since level vibes last week so when more is confirmed I will post up the news on here.

  5. Awww… Whitey. No wonder you're the 'Daddy'. GSF showed just how good flat can be, and the amount of folks that went away with smiles on their faces and planning jams and mags is truly inspiring. We're back!

  6. Very true you know the unity shown amongst us as riders and our passion is far greater than any corporate televised event.
    Level Vibes show's that we can as riders any one of us make a difference through our commitment to bring us all together as a family and ride that's the bottom line.
    Flatland in my opinion perhaps others agree always takes a back seat whether it's in the magazines/media even certain bmx retailers or other websites that strictly cater for the other disciplines ,so flatland branches off has it's own website's for the dedicated followers and riders get the ball rolling by organising jams/comps retailers are replaced by a mail order site just for flatland this is so encouraging for any new rider starting out that there are others like minded individuals around the world doing exactly the same .
    I've spoken to kids who didn't even know about flatland that it even existed how mad is that ? they see BMX as jumps etc sometimes i need to educate youngsters on the groundwork will they listen ? maybe , if not they know what it is now and may take note and learn some flat moves and Lets not forget one of the most famous ramp riders out there a certain Dave Mirra started out as a flatlander .
    Flatland is here to stay lets keep the flame burning .peace.

  7. James! you just made my week, ill def look forward to "White Friday's"!

    Check your email son, its Alfred from the Nor-Cal knocking on your door… 🙂

  8. no one could've said it better than james…….but somehow i think it would be very vital to get flatland back on the tele……however in a new way….pre-produced/edited footage of comps with flatland commentary/education being done by ppl who know what's going on-riders…..
    for example what bobby carter does with his vids we(flatland producers)just sell produced package to networks……..i mean if it was'nt for tele i would'nt have even known flatland existed9i live in the caribbean)…….feedback

  9. Definitely a good point Michael in terms of branching out, o hear what your saying I just watching the made in Thailand edit on diversion tv yesterday and bobbys documentary style is easy on the eye, it doesn't get boring.
    No one ever explains the tricks for example on tv, why tricks are hard, also the practise that goes into riding at the top level for me would be an interesting angle to look at.
    Flatland can work in hardcore form, groundtactics has recently proved that. But in order to grow and have way more kids exposed to it then being involved in the rest of bmx is great, the recent coverage of flat at the worlds on props for example was extensive, that wouldn't have happened if flat was a separate event.

  10. i guess ride more in random places around london to increase public awareness?

    yea i guess generally people don't understand how hard flatland is, since u guys make it look too easy haha

    i get my bike next week!! cant wait to ride

  11. in order for flatland to grow yes televised events play a major role but i can't remember the last time i saw flatland on t.v. the average kid interested can check out free sites like you tube,vimeo,agoride,freecaster etc to get a feel of what's involved and expand their minds eventually find out more on flat related websites and build up their knowledge .
    Flatland riders are a forgotten minority but with what Bobby Carter,Trevlon Hall,James White etc are doing is promoting it in such a positive way i feel this encourages new blood to get a bike,start riding and having fun with it , in a way personally it frustrates me to see when BMX is on t.v it focuses on ramps,park etc not to take anything away from those guys but flatland really does deserve so much more coverage and respect .

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