New Zion website is launched!

Got word from Mislav late last night that he’s launched new website for 2010, super clean looking!!

The word from Mislav…

Hi everyone !!!

I’m really glad to say that new Zion web site is finally online. It has been a project that I wanted to do for ages, but just couldn’t find enough free time. But since winter hit us pretty hard and I can’t ride at all I decided to finally finish this project.
And here it is , hehe, hope you like it.

Only part of this new site that is still not finished are new team interviews. Those will be published soon and in the meantime you can see riders photo galleries instead.

Another new thing is the compilation of your Zion bikes, so if you want to have a photo of your Zion bike published on Zion website just send it to our email.

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