4 thoughts on “Nick Watts – 8th February 2019

  1. Exactly why I voted for Nick for B.T.R.O.T.Y. ! Maaaaaaan , loving the progression ! His candy bar / saran wrap smiths outta combo are too fr-kn good . Dude can take any move , make / mix it with other tricks , and make it into a fresh , unpredictable , snappy link nailed with so much power / flow , and smoooooth style ! Like Big- E …….I anticipate a new Nick Watts edit on the weekly , haha. I just don’t see how he does it ……..like Giannis , hes running his own business , family life , loads of other daily tasks . So crazy …….a TWELVE year break from riding his bike………..and NOW this , haha. Salud , campeon Watts !

  2. Thanks Rodney! Always psyched by your support and really motivating for sure mate! It’s great to see your respect for the “Family Man” rider too. I won’t say it’s easy juggling work, family life, the 3 kid’s weekend sports whilst trying to get down some riding and edits! Saying that though, I wouldn’t have it any other way! I think I’ll pull back to bi-monthly or monthly edits from now on though to keep my sanity! Cheers Nick

  3. Always fresh Nick!Those overtakers look so stylish and yes Rodney always appreciates the hard work and the pure freestyle…cheers to both of you guys and keep documenting Nick.

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