4 thoughts on “Nick Watts – August 31st 2019

  1. Watching Nick is refreshing. Great to see the use of brakes and what it offers in terms of tricks and style. I hope he continues to post, I re watch all of his edits, so inspiring.

  2. You’re 1 of the few, I’ve seen do no handed, 1 footed hang 5s Nick. The others I’ve seen are another Oz rider back in the day, Leif Valin, Kevin Jones & myself. I’m sure there’s more, just haven’t seen them. You seem smoother now than when you were making all us Melbourne riders look bad, haha!. And I’ve got to say, you seem to be riding ‘your way’, instead of trends.

  3. Before 2014 I never heard of Nick Watts..After watching all his videos past and present he has sky rocketed to my top 5 favorite riders ever.. If he was known in America in the 80s/90s flatland may have been a completely different game. Thank you for all of the motivating edits….

  4. Not sure I mentioned this previously, but l heard someone say, John Bulgens, now Haro brand manager, back in the early 90s, say that after seeing Kevin and Chase, he apparently said, Nick was the third best rider in the world.

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