Nick Watts – Best of 2019

It’s been an amazing year for flatland, and covering what’s going on throughout the world has been a real pleasure this year. It’s always great to see what is happening all over the globe, and Nick Watts from Australia has been prolific in 2019! Hit play and enjoy his highlights…

6 thoughts on “Nick Watts – Best of 2019

  1. Wow Nick, yr awesome mate, l hope you’re well. Like your Deco frame, in fact l like all of yr bikes, haha! Seems as though yr in pretty good physical shape, as l am, haha! Once & in awhile, l recall yr raw energy, that adrenaline rush that l to get from riding, at warp speed, seems like nothin can touch us, thats why our great art, keeps me young. Oh, thx for giving us the winning edge in the Melb Moomba pde back in 1994, l think it was, they personally thanked me, but full credit goes to you bloke’s. My son has seen the Aboriginal Art piece we won, he’s curios about his Dad & his ridin.Did you realise a famous singer gave us, the winning score? Not livin in the past, just an acknowledgement, hey.

    • Hey mate. Thanks for that..Means alot! Great that your still riding and killing it! I can’t even remember that Moomba parade..hahaha. That was a while back! Do you have any footage of it?

  2. Unfortunately, the old old VHS tape vanished off the planet along with an upcoming rider. I was upset about it, & tried to find him & the tape, but have totally forgotten his name, maybe I’ll try again. Maybe the Moomba people might have it, we’ll see. You never know, it’s 2020, I’m pumped & want to come ride Dymo to, & you should come ride??.

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