Nick Watts – Garage Flatland / May 2018

Nick Watts is a flatland legend down under, but outside of that scene not many people have heard of him until recently when his Facebook videos have blown up on social media. Now Nick has taken to youtube and this edit is rad! You definitely want to sit down and pay attention to this one, I especially loved the 360 cowboy/footjam straight to tomahawk at 00:56! Hell yes Nick!

16 thoughts on “Nick Watts – Garage Flatland / May 2018

  1. Hey Nick, yes my real name stayed elusive for many decades. Pun intended. I can recall you as youngin when we first met in the old City Square, with your Dad. You soon started to destroy everyone in flat and rapidly more than us older riders. I can also recall a particular rider feeling a bit awed to ride with you. But, now you’re back after I unsuccessfuly tried to get you out of retirement in or about 2000-2001. The first thing that came to mind, when I heard you’d hung up your pedals was, what a wasted talent. In the words of Bob Haro, stay rad. You were and still are rad though. It’s as if you never quit, lost your speed, either. Your style of riding’s still cool in my opinion. Keep it up & post some more edits.


    • Thanks Chris!..oh I mean Tristan. Sorry I still can’t get used to calling you that yet.!! Thanks for the love mate..I can still vividly remember how stoked I was to come to the city square and see you doing these crazy fast fire hydrants and flails. I wanted to be like you and are really grateful that you took me under your wing all those years back!! Take care mate!

  2. In a non Nick Watts related post here, I believe it’s time for the the established Pro riders globally to form a commitee, since I’ve heard flat will/may be in the Olympics. We really need to act should the IOC comes knocking on flats door. We don’t want them to try take the ‘free’, out of freestyle. If they tried and successfully pressured riders to do tricks as ‘mandatory’, then it’s gone the way of many Olympic sports, taking away the originality. We’re the riders that make up flat, not people who haven’t got a clue about flat. I’ve rode most of my life,& see flat as kind of my baby, if you follow. I will stand up for it and make no apologies for caring about riders and flat. If a commitee was formed, I’m willing to be of some sort of help.

  3. No worries Nick. I had no idea you felt that I took you under my wing, let alone that you wanted to be like me. Thanks for the kind words . Now I know, after all those flails, haha! . Never 1 to boast, but I haven’t lost my speed, at (shoosh), 51 years young next month. My motivation is and has mainly to ride for the same reason I got into it, for fun. But, if I can put back into flat by my riding, although it’s fashionable, I’m not going to be popular, or ever seeked the attention. If I can inspire any new riders, younger or close to my age, I’d be happy .

    Cheers Nick.

  4. This is infuckingsane. Real creativity mixed with a unique and high level of style. I’m sorry I’ve never seen Watts ride before but look forward to seeing more. Well done.

  5. No offence to those who said Nick won’t be able to ride his Lineagae Master. But, he’s proven that he’s adapted very well indeed on the Master. Kevin’s told me that he’s progressed incredibly well in about 2 months. For those of you who aren’t aware, this is after about a 17 year absence!. And he runs he’s own business, has a wife and a couple of kids! 1 word ‘RESPECT’!.


  6. F-KN MINT !!! Been watching this / his other older footage on F.B. , can honestly say THIS cat really rules with his fast , SLLLLAAAAAMMMEED , aggressive , NEVER know… just WHERE he is going , trick wise during ALL his crazy links !!! Kinda reminds me of Roy / Brown -r.i.p. , and THATS a GREAT thing ! LOVING how he moves around , switches , whips ……just F-KN TOYS with his entire bike , SO rad , exciting ……watching ANY footage of NICK WATTS !! SO stoked that Larry Dangus schooled me on THIS guy back in 2015 on F.B. !! I ll DEF be wanting / waiting for MORE footage of THIS legend !!!!

  7. I know I’ve posted a few comments already. That’s not just because I’m a Nick fan. But, many moons ago, if I recall correctly, it was maybe John Bulgens (Haro Brand Manager), ostensibly went to the Us,& saw Kevin and Chase ride. I’ve a very good and long memory. He apparently said that Nick’s the third best rider in the world. That’s a pretty big compliment. Of course John’s not known as being a flatlander, but he could appreciate Nick’s riding. He was rippin up the ground effortlessly, making us all look second rate. For anyone, that recalls, a Skate Ranch contest, Nick, Arthur and I were the only one’s that had no touch runs. I unfortunately lost the old Vhs tape, along with contact with the rider who vanished off the planet. Hey Nick, is that what looks like a fridge in your garage, where your F’fuel beer’s kept cool?Hahaha! I say Arthur, hahaha!

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