5 thoughts on “Nick Watts – Katapult

  1. O.M.G. , THIS rules , juuuuuust as I was thinking about learning………REGULAR smith decades……………TODAY , hahahaha………..Nick drops ……THIS hammer , really digging this / his variation. The slo-mo really does it justice , just so you can really get the skinny on just HOW technical this move is . Keep em coming Mr.Watts , as with everyone who visits this site……..I also anticipate video clips of your riding , campeon ! So glad Larry Dangus out of the A.T.X. bmx scene in Austin T.X. started posting videos of you on my time line on F.B. , back in 2015 . Of course I already knew who you were / how RAD of a rider you’ve always been…….buuuuuuuut getting to see numerous videos of you , on the DAILY ……..really , really made me become even MORE of a fan of your riding , Nick . Loving the music on this video clip , also, mate !

    • Thanks Rodney..Stoked with the support from you guys!! I’m working on some new combos now and will hopefully post a new edit this weekend. Cheers mate…Nick

  2. We here down under saw Nick do these back in the day. Nick’s got a style almost all his own, and I recall our chats about being original. Marty The Monster would be proud Nick, haha! . I’m so happy that Nick started riding again.

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