Nick Watts – Nov 16th 2019

If there was an award for the most productive guy on the scene, it might well go to Nick Watts! Every week a new edit, plus a full part on Landscapes 3. The man cant be stopped, hit play for the latest. Love the smith decade at 00:22. Great start to the week on Flatmattersonline!

5 thoughts on “Nick Watts – Nov 16th 2019

  1. TRUE ……..FREESTYLE ….as ALWAYS !! Im always AMMMMPED , though its VERY hard to keep up , hahhaha , whenever Nick unleashes …….ANOTHER new edit ! I just love the way he FREESTYLES during EVERY second of a combo . Its so INTENSE and TECHNICAL , in a blur / whirlwind of TOTAL control , manipulation of the bike ……AND done in a TIGHT area , with not a hint of sketch !! Pure aggression , fury and SUPERB flow !! Yeaaaaah , Nick ! Adam Guild , myself….we ALWAYS chat about you DESERVING a N.O.R.A. CUP nomination , no joke, campeon ! Things like that infinity roll , to turbine rocket , QUICK switch to downside Smith , to exit a line , @ 43 SECOND …..duuuuude , its the stuff like that ……spontaneous , random IMPROV ,of the line …..its SO rad to me , mate ! KEEP em SLLAAAAAAMMMED with lightning QUICK FREESTYLE , as Effraim said….UP ROCKED bmx STYLE !

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