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  1. nice one Nick!you inspired me to keep learning new tricks…stoked also to read that Mark Eaton and Brett Downs approved that you would fit the Plywood Hoods!

  2. how is nick watts a plywood hood? USA going to claim nick as their own? Won’t ride with locals but will accept plywood hood status? Great rider, and that’s it. Comes to a jam and leaves 5 minutes later. He don’t support Melbourne riders, nick watts has always been about nick watts, I really don’t get excited when I see him, this sounds bad we’ll he’s been in and off the scene for a while, I used to go ride with him with a few other riders, it was always going to his spot, he never once came to our spot, and nick! yeah go be a plywood hood. Because you ain’t anything else.

    • Great interview Nick, so happy for you and all that you have accomplished. Keep motivating riders worldwide and being a nice person. You have put in tens of thousands of hours into riding and it’s finally paying off! Keep up the great work mate!

          • Nick, the last time I rode with you we traded frames, I have you a got pro Freestyle Tour tour for your skyway streetbeat, did you know it was cracked and I had frame after the trade and I couldn’t even contact you about it, I ended up off bike over that. I think you knew it was cracked and that’s why you offered me it. Yeah it’s been a longtime and you didn’t know what you did to me. Take care nick, I don’t ever want to speak to you again.

    • are you that arrogant towards me that you think it’s that small? It’s not about me nick it’s your lack of care for the Melbourne scene, it’s never been about an individual rider. Sorry if I speak up to show others what it’s really like here.

      • Hey Jimmy..Sorry mate!. People reaching out to say I’ve inspired them to start riding again is all I care about! Sorry that’s not good enough for “your” scene.

        • Sorry but it’s not my scene, it’s the riders scene, you just ain’t listening, typical nick watts behaviour. You don’t care about Australian flatland. You’re a show off A self promoter, you love the attention, but it will slow down and seem very repetitive after watching a years uploads of videos, I know for a fact that many rides here understand what I’m talking about. It needed to be said, he was a little boy when I met him, they called him the wonder boy, I’m still wondering.

    • The other thing is, if you still have footage of Tom then release it, it’s not all about you.

      Also a few typo’s in my last message, I had no frame. I don’t want pity nick I just needed to get some shit off my chest, I was angry about that for a longtime. And now with how you talk to me I know I’m nothing to you. Likewise buddy.

  3. The biggest name in Melbourne flatland should be grant cruise and every rider knows this, this guy has kept the scene going for over 25 years and without grant there wouldn’t be any Melbourne scene still. Very underrated rider who’s arms are always open to riders from all over, it’s not about comps or jam’s it’s about mates riding together, it’s always been about that with grant, people like nick watts over shadow the scene and he’s only posting videos, fame ain’t worth it compared to losing what we have when we ride together, competition brings some riders together a couple times a year but it not really good, freestyle now rejected supporting FLATITUDE comps, no support from other factions, freestyle now wants it to be only freestyle now in Australia, I won’t ever hold a comp again because of the lack of support, it’s got that bad that I have to build my own backyard jam’s, currently building a floor, pergola bbq music beers, a rider whom I’ve heard has started riding again is Scott Hodgson, now this guy also loves bmx and goes the xtra mile, it’s been a longtime now but he had a half pipe in his backyard and would have party jam’s, pretty awesome. A lot of people get me wrong because I’m raw, but a lot of riders don’t know I have brain damage, I was hit by a car in 1997 which ended my riding for 11 years, it’s ok I don’t need a care package, I think I’ve said enough, Tristan carver, You don’t get me, you also need to understand what’s going on in my head as I do with you, I miss you heaps and a lot of the other riders, if anything, this is a reach out to all my old rider mates who think I’m a jerk, deal with head trauma for 11 years without bmx in your life and tell me if you would come back without problems? Don’t you all wish you could’ve done more for Dave Mirra? Don’t let things get to far away that it becomes impossible to reach. I get angry sorry its anxiety. Don’t take me to heart, read between the lines and understand it’s not what it looks like, just think of a radio station just a little bit out of tune, it sounds horrible right? That’s me bro. I’m hurting badly because I love flatland so much but it’s not the way it should be in Melbourne and we all need to come together to make our scene great again, because it’s the riders who made it great and only the riders can make it great again, shit I sound like Donald trump. This will most likely get me kicked off the blog. It’s ok. I’m not hear to destroy anything or ruin people’s reputations, I’m just one of those riders who believes in building the scene not taking it for granted. Bye

  4. You made the pim videos but mostly showed yourself, you only put thrasher in it when he started to get really good, Tom was there a lot and made the effort to get over there also, why don’t I see his riding? I remember recording you stumpy carver Arthur and your mate James, that footage don’t have much of me i it because when I passed the camera to you, you recorded stuff I had already recorded and skipped recording my riding. My history is not there and neither is toms. Say another small minded reply nick.

  5. This is for nick, I will admit I did go to far here, this should’ve been in person between us, I don’t get to see you, I don’t stump either, I said stuff but I’m now way would I harm you or anyone, I was angry hurt and insulted to see this, I don’t want a mention in your interviews etc.. I don’t understand your way, but it’s your way nick, I’ve never before said anything like this to you, towards you and you know this, I hope we can all come together and make the scene in Australia what’s it meant to be like, 1 big family if that’s not your vision that’s cool but a little support here and their from you gains you so much more respect from me than your riding. You’re inspire others overseas that’s awesome and o have no argument there, we need you that’s all, you were 12 years old and I was 19 nick, I looked up to you. I’m sorry everyone. Peace ✌️

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