No rules brand from mexico

My name is Martin Inda, I´m from Tamaulipas,Mexico.I´m Flatland rider since 2004, Actually run for: No Rules (brand).This company is a friend and rider called Arturo Badillo “Polvora” from Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico.He created this brand for do grow the flatland in. Now he created these pegs called “Diablo” in spanish, Devil.In Mexico the level is get up very fast!! Coming soon we are in a International contests.
Pegs:Diablo No Rules. weight: 235 gr. per pair.
Infos:Creating parts for flatland riders new devils or pegs made from nylon and sandpaper for a good grip, and ring of aluminium for pivot tricks.They are already on sale in store Bmx No Rules.

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