Nora Cup!

Kind of a strange year this year contest wise, I don’t think its caught a light at all, but this is much more than contest placings, this is about video parts, and who’s helping develop the sport as well! I’m never entirely sure who and how many people actually vote for the flatland, but this year who would you vote for, lets have say your “top 5”?

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  1. 1 . Matthias Dandois.
    2 . Viki Gomez
    3 . Moto Sasaki
    4 . Martti Kuoppa
    5 . Terry Adams.

    Matthias cause he won a lot of contests, done a lot of videos, democratise flatland with his street/flat riding. I think for that he needs to win the nora !

  2. marrti ,viki,moto,ciaran perry,and cant make my mind up about 5 and then you got matthais domnik and a bunch of other rippers……….marrti for the cuttting edge!

  3. Martti will get my vote, I personally think this year he inspired so many flatlanders with his edits through the long hard winter, he kept people pushing with Groundtactics, and he hasn’t stopped all year! He is definitely the most inspirational flatlander of the year.
    Matthias also so far had another good year finally winning the masters, let me also throw in a name that I haven’t seen yet, Dez Maarsen has had a great year and really established himself in the top 5 contest wise.
    Besides those three riders, you have Viki, Moto, Dominik, Ciaran, the list goes on, bit no one touches Martti. You might think I am biased (Junglerider connection), don’t look at that, thats an easy way to knock all he has done the sport.

  4. First seems an easy choice for me, but 2-5 not as much. I might place too much emphasis on riders who do front and back wheel tricks, but that’s just what makes a great rider to me. I don’t

    1. Martti (for the progression and motivation)
    2. Matthias (lot of exposure and cross-over value for flatland, plus the obvious talent)
    3. Dom (this year especially came on real strong and pushed the pro class)
    4. Matt W (for me, still one of the best all around, front and back wheel masters)
    5. Moto (front wheel dominant, but still some insanely difficult innovations happening with him)

  5. 1. Martti( Progression and actually hooking up riders with parts etc)
    2. Moto( For his Ground Breaking Tricks)
    3. Dom( Huge improvements in riding and top placings)
    4. Dez( Great placings in many contests)
    5. JF ( Comes out of no where( well not really), but hits it heavy with Top 5 placings in many big name contests.

  6. All praise the MK, because he is the one… In my eyes who should take the trophy.

    But i know the Nora judges, will have a differant criteria then us true flatlanders. So… If you factor in there possible thinkings, Mr. Jorge Gomez’ SHOULD come out ontop… Bangin edits.. Winning non stop..Demo’s, on it.


    Martti/ Viki
    And I will throw J.F in here, because of his commitment to.. EVERY euro contest.. consistant top 5 placings and just being a raddude all over the internet this year.

  7. After being informed that the riders will be voting, i have to ask the question… What… Qualifies a rider, to vote in Nora?

  8. i changed my vote as my NORA cup now goes to Martti and P.Dolan joint winners not the usual suspects who are rad as hell but i’ve seen it all before from them nothing relitively new ,these two (Martti and Phil) are innovating and progressing Martti should get more recognition from the industry for his riding at the moment its on another level nobody can touch him and Phil is a rolling genius fowards or backwards age does not slow him down a joy to watch,these two deserve it.

    like i said others Simon O’Brien,Uuchie,Aaron Frost,Dez and Alexis okay not all are in the media as much or on the comp scene but the talent is there and each rider has a variety of tricks .

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