Nora Cup Awards Ceremony for Flatland 2015

Chad Degroot presented the Nora Cup award this year for 2015 flatlander of the year in Las Vegas at Interbike. Here’s what he had to say about the experience:

“Presenting an award at Nora was easy to say “YES” but my nerves were shot just a few moments before. With a prepared speech, notes, and key words I just freestyle’d it and lived in the moment. Taking my shirt off was an easy ice-breaker but then I did not know what to do next. So many people thought I have presented already but this was my first time. I did win 3 of these 2002-2004 so I have been on stage a lot. Then Matt Closson gave me a drink and it really threw me off. I told everyone people were back stage writing all over me like I was drunk and passed out. People expected some homo stuff so the attack on Fudger had to happen. Guess he was a bit scared of the way I wanted to give him a black eye. Viki Gomez killed it all year and in the past years and well deserved win. He touched on me being his idol, progression, for BMX making this award, and its not about winning contests…its progression. He said BMX saved his life.

Thank you Crandall for kicking ass as the host. The rest of the presenters killed it. And to RideBMX the last standing magazine in BMX. Subscribe, support, let’s keep BMX alive.”

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