8 thoughts on “Nora Cup Nominees

  1. I don't know if that obvious, on his blog, Matthias seems to think the nominees should include Viki Gomez, Yohei Uchino and Adam Kun…
    I guess everyone has a different opinion.

  2. where can i vote?
    and indeed, viki should be in there somewhere, but thats probably a personal opinion, well i know who ment alot to me last year! so hands down to the magic man kuoppaaa

  3. Very true, its often very confusing I find! The voting asks who had the best year right? Viki is the world no 1 currently and not in top five?Plus also all his video parts this year… Adam Kun won the masters and isnt in top five either. To me both Martti and Moto have had great years, whilst Martti hasn't rode any contests, he has smashed it in the videoparts, remember his epic week with a videopart everyday!, he's pushing the sport forward, and given something back to the sport also with groundtactics, he's been unselfish, this is about flatland.
    Then with Moto, he has stepped up this year, and has become a real competitor at each event, not to mention his 3 minute mindblowing combo for groundtactics, to me these two riders are the obvious choice for the win! After that I agree it gets tricky, these are pro riders voting by the way. There are only five slots. Crazy hard!

  4. i voted for viki because of his video parts and contest appearances. seeing him ride at jomo was a real treat. i don't know what i did to get on ryan fudger's e-mail list but this is the first time i haven't voted for a top fiver

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