Nora Cup Nominees

The Nora Cup nominees are in for 2011, congrats to the five riders who stand the best chance of winning, I’m sticking with Martti Kuoppa for the win here, great to see Chad Johnston recognised for the amount of coverage he’s got this year! Who do you think will win?

#1 Flatlander
Matthias Dandois
Chad Johnston
Martti Kuoppa
Moto Sasaki
Matt Wilhelm

#1 Ramp Rider
Kyle Baldock
Drew Bezanson
Dennis Enarson
Chase Hawk
Gary Young

#1 Dirt Jumper
Mike “Hucker” Clark
Chris Doyle
Dennis Enarson
Chase Hawk
Mark Mulville

#1 Street Rider
Sean Burns
Dennis Enarson
Garrett Reynolds
Dakota Roche
Nathan Williams

#1 Racer
Joris Daudet
Nic Long
Corben Sharrah
Marc Willers
Khalen Young

Best Video Part
Mike Aitken – Anthem II
Sean Burns – Anthem II
Dennis Enarson – Last Chance
Ty Morrow – The Trip
Mark Mulville – Anthem II

Video of the Year
Anthem II (Stew Johnson)
Last Chance (Demolition Parts)
Still Here (Act Like You Know)
The Colony DVD (Colony BMX)
The Trip (The Trip)

17 thoughts on “Nora Cup Nominees

  1. all great flatland riders, but i hope Martti gets the win, i would say because he’s the one giving back a lot to flatland with his groundtactics concept, and always helping push flatand further with all his experimental tricks and sharing it with the rest of the world with his edits.

    and he’s crazy good…

    • exactly julien! for me he was in the public eye all year round, at one point, it was basically martti videos for two months straight, people are quick to forget that! he wins hands down for all he has done for flatland this year! Dennis Enerson to win the rest (apart from racer, and video of the year, Anthem 2 will probably win!)….

  2. Martti for flatland,Kyle Baldock ramps,Dennis Enarson Dirt,Street Eddie Roman (without him they would not be any),Racer Pete Loncaravich,video part Chase Homeless Trash 🙂

  3. Sasaki,,,, Ground Tactics video part …. period!
    With all due respect to the other riders. Just my thoughts.
    All the riders are deserving of this award.

  4. Sorry but Flatland has to go to martti , motos 3 min link was more of an athletic feat Martti however is on some space cadet future shit .

    • Moto’s 3 min groundtactics was last year! He won last year mostly for that very reason! For me Martti has given so much back to flatland this year, he motivated us all year round with his videos, he’s continued with the groundtactics project, and of course now junglerider, its about time he won an award like this!

  5. Effraim is right about Moto’s 3 min run being from last year. His 10 pedal video this year is a pretty amazing follow up though. Very tough choice this year which is good because it means that a bunch of riders are really putting in work.

  6. Good point. I was thinking the 10 pedal video. I was amazed by it.
    I think they all deserve it for sure. Also good point BF tuff choice everyone is pushing I love it!

    • Thats a good point Archon! I think so far as a part Moto would probably have that one right now. His 10 pedal part is amazing! I still wonder tho what would happen if Martti held back all his videos, what like 30 videos this year and did one part, I think his contribution all year round was greater than any other pro, he gave a lot back, which is what counts. Anyway, at least flatland is recognised at all you know. That in itself is a good thing!

  7. I think you have to give it to Matt. Whether you like it or not his America’s Got Talent run really put us out there for exposure. He’s also won quite a few competitions this year in the US this, but don’t be fooled he placed 2nd at Jomopro which included an allstar lineup of riders from around the world. As for Martti who seems to be the favorite, he is without a doubt doing the craziest shit out there but if you arent checking flatmatters everyday or subscribed to his channel you wouldn’t really see it. I can’t really comment on how well he’s doing at competitions but I dont think Martii competes as much as he did anymore.

    • Good points Rennace!

      “As for Martti who seems to be the favorite, he is without a doubt doing the craziest shit out there but if you arent checking flatmatters everyday or subscribed to his channel you wouldn’t really see it.”

      I guess thats why they ask pro riders to vote its a hardcore vote,, in the past they got ramp riders to vote, and they really only knew Chad Degroot, so he won every year, i’m not dissing Chad at all, I think chad”s great! Also Matt has had a good year! I just think martti has done so much to motivate other riders, and step their game up, I doubt you would have seen that Moto video without Martti pushing as hard. I publish videos everyday on flatmatters as you all know, and this year I have to say would be pretty dull without Martti’s contributions. Hes been consistently in the public eye all year!

  8. I disagree rennace and this is why Martti is the humblest and purest form of flatland he feeds the minds only of those who are interested to begin with and equally capable of contemplating what they are witnessing, its importance, its ability to inspire directly as a consequence this position is respectable in its absolute form. Just bare in mind that Martti has literally shit out like 40 vids this year alone each featuring tricks of a calibre the average rider wont even achieve one of in his lifetime . Matt on the other side of the coin is currently involved in a quest of pure self interest with a massive cash prize as the motive furthermore he has had to corrupt the image of flatland to make it compatible with the “masses ” personally i do not respect this position which takes nothing away from my massive amount of respect for Matt as a rider before someone has a pissfit . Some new kids might get into flatland and if its pure headcount you use as the defining point of a sports success then sure its a winner but i for one will stick to quality over quantity . Flatland needs to stop dumbing itself down for the public and reserve its dignity for those willing to pursue interest via intuitive learning and not those who require being spoonfed .

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