North Carolina – Legacy of Dope Jam / Saturday 27th June


This weekend Jason Harrison and friends are holding a flatland jam in Raleigh, North carolina at a shaded underground parking lot 1pm till dark (all other details on flyer + photo of spot below!)


2 thoughts on “North Carolina – Legacy of Dope Jam / Saturday 27th June

  1. Thanks for posting this E! This is a fantastic riding spot. The surface is smooth and flat. Very cool with one side opened up to the ground floor outside. We’ll have music with a hand curated play list. Kevin Washington found this place and it’s his favorite spot not far from his place in Cary NC. Starts at 1 PM and we’ll go until dark (or until the heat gets to everyone! 🙂 ) Restrooms and food very close by. We’ll have some food and drinks on hand, but make sure to bring whatever you like as well. Our two local NC pro flatlanders will be on hand: Brian Huffman and Isaiah Jordan. So please come join us for a fantastic afternoon of riding, good fun, with all the flatland homies from NC!

  2. Just in case you’ve not heard, we’re bumping this to Sunday, June 28th due to weather. It’s a covered shaded area, but will get wet in there if there is enough rain and that’s what is forecast for Saturday. Sunday’s weather is going to be stellar for June in NC, so come on out and join us!

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