North Padre Island Jam results

The texas scene continues to grow, Aaron Frost was instrumental in organising a jam this weekend just gone, few photos here from Rad Dad’s site,– check out the awesome interview he has just done with Karl Rothe, below are the results from this weekend. No doubt there will be video up soon….

1st place Lee Edwards
2nd place Johnny Tamayo
3rd place Kenny Boucher
4th place Hector Garcia.

1st Place Matthias Dandois $300
2nd tie David Weathersby $100
2nd tie Diego Tejada $100

One thought on “North Padre Island Jam results

  1. Yes you were correct about video. Its up now and working on 2nd one. There will be a TON of great footage from this event. Sickwick had the Camera going all day. Thanks so much for keeping up with the going ons of the Texas Flat Scene. See you in a few weeks!

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