NYC Jam – Saturday September 5th


NYC Jam – Red Hook – 137 Lorraine St, Brooklyn NY – Saturday Sept 5, 2015 2pm – dark

The park in Red Hook is probably the best spot to ride flatland in NYC (ok i’m going to be challenged here), it is very large and mostly level and not wavy asphalt surface. It is fairly under-utilized in that mostly people just walk across it as a shortcut and i’ve never seen another event go down in the 2 years i’ve been coming here so should be all clear. It always has been for me.
It is beside the Red Hook houses, which should not frighten anyone, i have never had an issue here, other than crazy kids doing their thing. I love this neighborhood, i’ve met all types of people here and many have told me they think flatland is nice.

– Pre-Jam: Will be at Tompkins Square Park (at 300 E 10th St and Ave A) in Manhattan on Friday afternoon Sept 4th. Location of a few of the earlier NYC jams, lots of skaters, young ladies, and weirdos. Somewhat limited parking, but mostly still free it think. Can be slightly challenging driving in the city so you may want to take the subway here.

– Bathrooms: nearby at McDonalds (i think it’s $.50), free at Dunkin Donuts, or sometimes a public one is open down the street. Someone will probably decide to hit the bushes instead.

– Food: Red Hook food trucks 1 block away with authentic Latin treats like sopas and elotes, otherwise the Mister Softee truck rolls by every hour or so, theres a bodega around the corner, McDs, Dunkin, chicken vodka pizza up the street at Vinny’s.

– Parking: should be pretty easy which is rare for NYC. There is free on-street parking on the roads around the site. Shouldn’t be a big deal.

– Seating: if you get tired there are about 8 different park benches circling the riding arena. Some offering shade depending on the solar schedule. You could bring a chair but maybe don’t bring the big tents out to this since it’s in a public park.

– Water: there is a water fountain that for some reason is stuck in the auto position spraying into the air. I think someone modded it.

– Rain: This could be a hassle. If it happens to the extent that we cant ride we can go to the sensory deprivation tanks nearby or to the afterparty spot not too far away. There is some covered ground in the IKEA garage down the street if we get desperate.

– People in attendance: There will probably be about a dozen NYC riders, maybe some dudes from Jersey, maybe a couple ridaz from New England?, Masashi Itani, and some other mystery pros.

– Biking in NYC: Actually a lot of fun and pretty safe. Don’t get caught running red lights, at night you need a front and rear light, be cautious don’t get doored. Look for streets with bike lanes, it’s a little more comfortable.

– Afterparty: If everyone is into it after the jam, there is a bar nearby in Gowanus that should let us bring our bikes onto their patio. It’s called Swan Dive (480 Union Street). They serve beer, cocktails, burgers, and dogs, etc. Not a whole lot for vegetarians, but I will help you find other food if necessary!

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  1. After Party has changed to the Tender Trap at 66 Greenpoint Ave in Brooklyn. This is BMX rider @DarrylNau’s bar and he is buying us all free beer from 9 to 10pm to celebrate the days riding. Party goes til 4 am with Dj @Dirtyfinger and GoGo’s dancing on the bar. Roy de Guzman spearheaded this effort,

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