Octobiker Fest 2019: Quebec BMX Flatland Contest & Roadtrip

After taking the weekend off updating Flatmattersonline, it’s time to get back to updates. Just one update, which I am a bit late to the party with. Documentary styles from Dub’s Octobiker Fest 2019, this one is really worth your attention. Dub explains more below:

“Introducing our first ever IGI BMX Youtube Channel video ”Octobiker Fest 2019 flatland contest & roadtrip” presented by NAPA Repentigny. Watch as flatland riders from 10 different countries cruise through Montreal, Trois-Rivières and Québec City on board a Ford Transit 15 passenger van sponsored by Jean Légaré. Video includes contest footage and runs, spot searching, and an epic journey ahead with riders from around the globe. This video is complemented with some short interviews with riders from Brazil, Colombia, Chile and Mexico.”

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