OG summer contest pictorial by Mizo.

Denes Katona is perhaps one of the most underrated riders on the planet right now, how steep is this brakeless smith?

Shane Badman in the mix, takes a break from updating his flatland australia blogspot site…

Winner of this years OG summer contest, Dominik Nekolny all crossed up…

This years venue, looks great!!!

A barefooted Waldemar Fatkin..

Sonic in the house, always stoked, always smiling, always fast…

Wouldnt be OG summer contest without the pool!!

2 thoughts on “OG summer contest pictorial by Mizo.

  1. i was so excited to see Denis pulling x hand nose manual, i have seen it only on pics till last week, but then i also saw a x-footed nose manual and i was shocked!!! and he told me what he has in mind for the next big thing… ah i cant wait to see this!!!!!

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