Old school sundays

Old school sundays…This is new to flatmatters, every sunday i’ll be posting few old school videos to spark peoples memories and educate the new school who may not have seen or heard of some of the riders I post up.
This opening Old school sunday is dedicated to riders in the San Francisco area,riders such as Pete Brandt, Eric Emerson have been huge inspiration to my riding over the years, since the Realiity Tv part 1+2 days, enjoy!!.

Golden Gate park 1983

Ozone demos, San Jose, California, old school action with Pete B, Eric Emerson, Carly Garcia…

6 thoughts on “Old school sundays

  1. So many riders Howard for sure. Aaron was killing it in golden gate park, multiple bar hop whiplashes on a skyway streetbeat. Olegs insanity roll sticks in my mind. For me pete b and Eric Emerson inspired a new generation, bike set ups, shove it style tricks, no foot straddles, style, could go on….

  2. you know it E those tricks and bike set up's inspired a lot of people note: Richard Zabzydr (r.i.p) at Graveyard Products.Oleg's insanity rols Aaron Dulls puppet squeaks etc woah i'm showing my age now ha ha.

  3. How about the one footed puppet?, park carter, mongoose rider, there was also rider in the uk who learnt that trick super fast,jamie curry, sick!!

  4. Park Carter yep remember him 1 foted puppets also did backwards miami hop-hops i recall a lot of those expert riders were very underatted and in some case's oushone the pro's ,not heard of Jamie Curry tho great trip down memory lane this trivia.

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