5 thoughts on “Old school sundays

  1. One of the smoothest riders ever for sure, I once read on a write up in Go magazine I think iteas for the Make a wish contest in Virginia that Bill won, he has so effortless was almost like they could cut his head off and he'd still ride flawless! Whilst an extreme analogy it seems pretty fitting watching this guy ride!!

  2. Praise the lord there is a god,been searching everywhere for Bill Neumann footage so cool to see this great rider,i'm guessing circa 1990ish.Gotta love the grip on the bars for locomotive's .This guy was a polished rider not seen much of his stuff only in " 2 Hip ride like a man " credits section ,cheers E lovin it.

  3. A friend of mine here in Finland, 2Fresh actually has a lot of unseen footage of Bill Neumann from 1993 here in Finland. I hope he converts it one day.

  4. Bill riding was absolutely insane. I grew up riding with him and was privy to some awesome sessions with him where he dropped bombs at the lot that hardly anybody else got a chance to see. Too bad this was long before the days of solo videos. FYI, he learned how to do the hitchhiker after another famous riders explained it to him over the phone…without ever having seen it done before!! This was a good 3 months before it was shown in a magazine or before The K dropped it at a comp. Pretty cool. At any rate, glad to see this footage from the old school Toronto CNE Bike Expo gatherings…

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