7 thoughts on “Old school sundays…

  1. El Cid was awesome. I liked those two-tone bikes too. Did anyone notice Woody Itson in the background?

  2. There's also footage of woody from this contest that I'll post another Sunday., I love the two tone look also, used to have the two tone streetbeat back in the day..

  3. Man thats a blast from my bmxism past.
    Had a RL 20II too! no photos big shame ;(

    I remember Phil Dolan came up to us @ Southbank one time and asked "You wanna swap your frame for my chrome Revcore"?!
    Nah mate. Boss frame.

  4. I had this whole contest on VHS…including flatland runs by Mike Dominguez, and Donovan "The Rippin'" Ritter…if I remember correctly.

    The two tone Redlines were dope. Chrome/colors…I had a "Hazard Yellow" RL-20. It was my first "good" BMX bike.

  5. Oh, also wanted to add that the backwards Infinity Roll he does at the end was the first time he debuted that trick.

    Effraim…do you know if the NFA was started by Richard Hutchins? I believe it was, if I remember correctly.

    Speaking of Hutch, I'm stoked to get to ride with John Yull every weekend!

  6. Yes i think your right, forgot about that name till you mentioned it!
    Sounds like you guys have great scene down in austin, i must make it down there to hang out with yully once again, been over a decade or more…

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