Old School Sundays – 1989 Great Lakes FreeStyle Contest + Pete Brandt

Great footage from the archives sent in from Jffe. Filmed by John Preville, 1989 Great Lakes Freestyle Contest footage, featuring the likes of Steve Mulder, Bill Neumann (how dialled was Bill Neumann!!!) plus parking lot footage from i’m guessing the Virginia Make A Wish Foundation Contest, great practise footage of Mike Schmed and Pete Brandt going off during the Ozone era! Posted this a few years back, certainly worth a re-up, when you got a few spare minutes, sit down and enjoy this one!

4 thoughts on “Old School Sundays – 1989 Great Lakes FreeStyle Contest + Pete Brandt

  1. Virginia Comp,was a great time. I have so many crazy stories from that weekend. Ross Smith, Chase, Kevin Jones , Pete Brandt, Mike Schmeed , Bill Newman . All jamming out. Dorkin 4 preview in Eatons,room. Awesome time.

      • Sorry, I do not. I can tell you this contest was in Norfolk at the Scope Arena, a really bad area. Many peoples bikes including Dennis McCoy’s were stolen by local thugs. One guy was jumped. I drove down with Brian Tunney and Mike Wilson at one point Brian’s bike fell off my bike rack and was dragging on the highway. The first night we stayed with Mike Schmeed. There wasn’t enough beds so we went into the basement of the hotel and took cots,security caught us rolling them through the lobby. The second night I slept in Brett Middaughs bathtub and at 4am hotel management was knocking on the door.They had a guy Greg Hunt who claims he was staying with us. No one had any idea who that was.. So they made the guy leave, turns out it was Ice Money..hahahaha.Gerry Huey from Exile sunglasses went there with Ross and Leslie, not sure what happened but they left him in Virgina..hahaha.. First contest I actually got to see Chase and Pete Brandt riding.There is footage in this link from the contest, maybe there is a complete vid online?

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