3 thoughts on “Old School Sundays – 1994 Kansas BS

  1. the real deal without a doubt, good old days ! Twenty-inch video mag had an excellent footage on this one, ChadD, Steve Roy, Chris Young kicked major ass – thought Trevor won that one, ain’t sure but Day Smith sure delivers

  2. Chris Young was so smooth! Made scuffing look good. There is an interview with Paul Osicka somewhere where he talks about meeting some homeless man that changed his way of thinking on life and bikes.. That footage of paul is awesome, but I always think of those links as pre meeting the homeless sage.

  3. I was at this contest and, other than maybe Indianapolis race track, I can’t remember a place with a better practice area. It was so large, even with having a vert riding and small street course, easily 25 people could practice flatland all at once. The entire tradeshow floor was available for this comp. Absolutely amazing.

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