Old School Sundays – 1999 Chenga Contest

1999 Chenga contest from Tony Schneidewind on Vimeo.

Amazing footage by Chad Gale from 1999 at Chenga! Edited by Tony Schneidewind, featuring riders such as Terry Adams, Scott O’Brien, Matt Wilhlem, Armin Batoumeni, York Uno, Brandon Fenton, and many more including Ross Smith, who delivers two of the best tricks of the edit! Just go watch this for a trip down memory lane!

7 thoughts on “Old School Sundays – 1999 Chenga Contest

  1. I second that TJ. This contest was the video I watched on Bmxtrix over and over and over.

    I still remember the junkyard decade-barhop into backyard.

    Thanks for another perspective!

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