6 thoughts on “Old school sundays…

  1. Aww yeah now wer're talking, RPM flatland run sick stuff i recall him and DMC rode flat together and were the top boys ,this run is rad and to this day Rick still rips up the terrain on his bike,think he's 45 now one cool cat.SBC in the house.

  2. @ George.. to walkover decade as well! Really sick straddle roni also during this run, remember Eric Emerson doing them no footed! Those were suck as fuck!

  3. For sure, but the straddle roni king must be Ross smith, the multiples he does, are crazy, so controlled, with or without brakes, thats sick!

  4. Yeah Ross Smith awesome love him, also this was a "forwards no handed ropearoni " to walkover decade even harder than regular Rope's Rick was awesome..

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