7 thoughts on “Old school sundays…

  1. ..carlo seems to ride a coaster break for that reverse pedal picker thing but manages to do a quick spin later..how does that work Effraim?

  2. Wow…. amazing….. I had so much fun watching that….. what a fun video….. The crowd was going crazy….. Everyone was smiling It made so happy….. And the riders back then werent flatlanders or dirjumpers or street riders .they were all bmxers just freestyle 🙂

    Miss those days. when it was all about having fun

  3. HAHAHA …just kidding that video was trash….I couldnt even get through the first trick he did …kind of like the pete brandt section in the kgb video….lol-ol

  4. Gaz Top and Andy Ruffell "EXCELLENT" backwards pedal picker loved it, Carlo was a great all rounder he gave a Hoffman and Joel Alamo a run for their money when he went to the States on the AFA circuit.

  5. lol that's me at 1.20 in the blue shirt over his right shoulder waving what a dork!!! funny thing is I remembered where I was sitting yet I cant remember shit I did last week!!

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